0 WEEKS PREGNANT // The Bit Before

My first trad lead at Women's Trad Festival 2017  //  Photo by Lydia Levy

My first trad lead at Women's Trad Festival 2017  //  Photo by Lydia Levy

You can uncover your eyes, this isn’t an overshare. I’m confident you’re aware of the mechanics of how I went from not pregnant to seeing those two little life-changing lines on a pee stick. I guess this is more 'the story so far', to explain why I’m keen to try and keep climbing a part of my life as I make the transition from carefree to childcare.

I’d spent years running, swimming and working out but nothing compares to the sense of achievement that climbing delivers. You can’t beat the feeling of literally being on the top of a thing! Whether you’ve reached the summit of a boulder, an indoor route or an actual mountain, somehow going ‘up’ brings a greater challenge, a bigger rush and wider grin than anything else.

Three years of climbing have made me stronger and more confident in both body and mind. I went from getting 'stuck' climbing down the boulder wall to highballing outdoors (still scared, but with the faith in myself to not fall); from dangling on top rope to leading my first sport and trad routes; from immediate arm pump to enjoying multi-pitch classics. All the while making the best, most supportive friends I’ve ever had.

When we decided to try for a baby, I still had some anxieties. I love my adventurous life, especially climbing and I was still enjoying the best year yet with almost weekly climbing trips completing my biggest and hardest climbs. I was almost comforted by the expectation it would take around a year to conceive. That would give me enough time to do everything I had left on my pre-baby list, which I was still adding to.

A month later and, rather than shock or even slight disappointment, I felt nothing but pure joy staring back at those two little lines. Andrew, my husband, and I were both surprised! I guess becoming pregnant just topped off an amazing year of adventure. Because, really, what could be more adventurous than bringing a new person into the world?