5 WEEKS PREGNANT // We're Pregnant!

My new coach, Juan working out I have no idea how to move my body  //  photo by Ben Grubb

My new coach, Juan working out I have no idea how to move my body  //  photo by Ben Grubb

I should've guessed earlier. My period was late but I'd put that down to work stress. My boobs were rapidly expanding but I'd put that down to excessive French cheese consumption. Perhaps I knew exactly what was happening but I just wanted to deny it and delay the confirmation. Luckily, my sensible husband handed me a pregnancy test.

Despite spending the best part of my first day home asleep on the sofa, after returning from Chamonix, I was psyched for more climbing adventure. It was clear though, especially after feeling so unfit on the mountain, I'd have to get better and stronger. So it was perfect timing that, this week, I started coached climbing sessions.

I've always been a nervous climber but in this first session, I acted especially cautious. As soon as I approached the top of any climb, I hesitated. In some cases, I didn't even reach the top of the problem, even more reluctant to make any dynamic moves than usual. Something was telling me to be careful. I figured it was because I was under the eye of a coach and feeling the pressure. Also, the mountaineering I did just two days ago really took it out of me.

The following lunchtime, my husband found me lying on the floor of my home office, exhausted. Once I finally peeled myself into the bathroom to pee on the stick I'd been handed, there was no hesitation (except to work out how to use the thing). By this point I think I'd finally twigged.

Throughout my pregnancy, I'm learning that the movies lie. There was no long nervous wait. I didn't have time to tidy up the bathroom, I didn't get to paint my toenails. As soon as I pulled the test from the bowl, it shouted at me "HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW?!".

To my husband's surprise, I came downstairs beaming to tell him. We'd both thought I'd freak out; that I'd need time to come to terms with such a big life-change. Instead, I just felt giddy! 

"How big do you think it is now?"
"Probably the size of plankton." 

Poor baby, that name seems to have stuck.