18 WEEKS PREGNANT // Baby Training

Running laps on auto belay with the ‘cow’ harness

Running laps on auto belay with the ‘cow’ harness

There was no agenda for my climbing over the last few months. I was doing it because that’s what I did, because I loved it, because I still could. My coach had other ideas though. I was now training for the rest of my pregnancy, labour and beyond!

It made sense. Things were about to get a lot more physical! I’d need strength to carry a growing bump, endurance for labour and a bagful of both to look after a newborn baby. After taking things easy at the wall for a while, I was excited to put my new found second trimester energy to use.

With an endurance session on the menu, this was the perfect opportunity to fully test out the newly-necessary full-body harness. My usual sit harness was feeling a little snug to say the least (I was starting to look like a string of chubby sausages)! With space for the bump to breathe, even a basic hired full harness was more comfortable. Although I couldn’t help feeling like a winched cow.

I was ordered straight onto top rope to climb up and down and up and down until my arms gave up. It felt so good to be sweating through effort, rather than just hormonal overheating. With my effort focused on getting as many reps in as possible in the allotted time, I forgot I was pregnant and just climbed. Yes my heart rate shot up far easier than normal but with steady pacing, I managed to keep it comfortably uncomfortable.

So good was the injection of endorphins from a try-hard session, I returned later that week armed with a session plan to use up all my energy on the auto belays. With renewed focus to train for both myself and my baby, motivation was at an all time high. Plus the not-so-subtle nods of kudos at the acknowledgment of my bump made me feel a bit like a super hero. I wore those sweaty tide marks with pride!