16 WEEKS PREGNANT // Christmas Pudding


This Christmas was going to be special. Our last as a two, yet already a three. I was in the awkward ‘fat’ phase where I was certain my baby bump was huge and obvious yet to others I could have just had a big dinner, along with everybody else this week. But as more and more friends and family opened our Christmas card to find a scan picture of our little Plankton, I cared less and less about looking pregnant. It only mattered that I really was.

After our duties of hosting family locally, we headed down to Devon as usual to visit my family. The bonus being they live in Dartmoor National Park amongst some great rock! With the boulder mat in tow, we snuck out in between being fed leftovers (created just so we had leftovers) to get some climbing done.

With memories of the golden December sun warming the rock the previous year, it was a little confusing to find a scattering of snow on the moor. Forcing numbed toes into cold, stiff shoes was uncomfortable enough. Trying to pull my tired, heavy body up onto freezing, sharp granite felt impossible! Cue the emergence of pregzilla once again, who was just really disappointed to not be able to climb much. The frustration of 'being rubbish' obviously then actually made me climb like s#*%.

Andrew managed to talk pregzilla back into her cage, reminding me that I was almost four months pregnant and climbing in snow sucks! This was never going to be a send fest, more just a chance to play. I'd already ruined the climbing, so we opted for a walk around the crag to end the day feeling a little more positive. Just at the right time, we turned to see our long shadows in the winter sun. There it was, proof I really did have a growing bump (even if it was partly Christmas pudding)!