17 WEEKS PREGNANT // This Year

Wind swept hair conveniently covering up the pregnancy spots

Wind swept hair conveniently covering up the pregnancy spots

Nine months always seemed like such a long time. You can do so much in nine months like, you know, grow an entire person from scratch! But as the clock struck 2018, I realised that the rest of my pregnancy was going to fly by.

Parents always tell you that little *insert their pride and joy's name* is growing up too quickly. Just one of those cliche things parents say, right? Until new years eve arrived and my little nugget was already the size of a pear and rapidly getting bigger, as the gaping flies of climbing trousers revealed.

As evidence of my growing uterus became more obvious, it was hard to not marvel at the magic of my body. It blows my mind every time I think that there is an actual human being inside of me! It's made me so proud of my body and so proud to be pregnant. I was actually starting to really enjoy pregnancy and as we entered the year we were going to have our baby, I knew I'd miss this special time. I'd have to make the most of every second.

Despite being much slower at following friends for a new years cross-country night-time adventure to find the local pub, I was proud that I could still make it whilst pumping 50% more blood around my body! I was delighted every time I logged another climb; happy to be (carefully) clambering coastal rock.

I guess this was the glow that people talk about? The beaming pride of my body doing this amazing thing, all whilst carrying on with all the things I wanted to do. The greatest type of multi-tasking ever!

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